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Lee Hom Wang (王力宏,Wáng Lì Hóng,born on May 17, 1976) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. Formally trained at the Eastman School of Music, Williams College and Berklee College of Music, his musical style is known for fusing traditional Chinese elements (such as Beijing opera and Chinese tribal music) with international arrangements.

Wang Leehom has been active since 1995 and contributed in 25 albums, selling over 15 million records worldwide.He is also a four-time winner of Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards, the "Grammys" of Chinese music.

In addition to his music, Wang also acted in several films, including Ang Lee's Lust, Caution and Jackie Chan's film Little Big Soldier.

Wang was one of the first torchbearers for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, and performed in the Olympics' closing ceremony in Beijing. Wang was listed among "The 100 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time" by Goldsea Asian American Daily.

 All the songs of Lee Hom Wang

 1.  Descendent of the dragon
 2.  You are my beloved
 3.  A mistake in the Flower Festival
 4.  Big city and little love
 5.  You are a song in my heart
 6.  Change myself
 7.  Let me feel the warmth

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Difficulty: 8/10
Speed: 131 characters/min
Total characters: 427
Unique characters: 139
Characters difficulty: 8/10

演唱:     王力宏    
   不是     彻夜   等候                    烛火    
不过        一次   邂逅                       
我的   山水     全部   退色           大雨         
      景色   鬼魅                       
手里         蝴蝶        单飞     不醉不归    
说好     破晓      忘掉    
拥抱     变成      煎熬    
犯错      迷恋   镜花水月      无聊    
     原谅      多情      打扰    
     怎么会   喝醉          因为   你的      
   匆匆   一瞥   不过   点缀    
        大雪   纷飞              找不回    
   白雪   覆盖   那些   青翠    
     时空     成为   拥有        唯一   条件                
说好     破晓      忘掉    
拥抱     变成      煎熬    
犯错      迷恋   镜花水月      无聊    
     原谅      多情      打扰    
我的   山水   全部   退         
多情      打扰      原谅      
不是   彻夜                  
(在                       田)                    
我的   山水   全部   退         
多情      打扰      原谅      
不是   彻夜                  
说好     破晓      忘掉    
拥抱     变成      煎熬    
犯错      迷恋   镜花水月      无聊    
     原谅      多情      打扰    
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