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David Tao (陶喆, Táo Zhé, born on July 11, 1969), is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter.He is well-known for creating a crossover genre of R&B and hard rock tunes which has now become his signature style and for having popularized R&B in the Mandopop industry.

He was born in Hong Kong to parents who were considered famous entertainers in Taiwan. His father, Tao Da Wei (David Tao Sr.), was an actor/singer/composer and his mother, Wang Fu Rong, a Chinese opera singer.He spent part of his childhood in Hong Kong and had his education in Taiwan from kindergarten to the junior high school level at the Bethany Campus of Morrison Academy in Taipei. Later, his father decided to pursue his dream of working for Walt Disney, and they migrated to the United States city of Arcadia, California. There he attended Arcadia High School. where David Tao Sr. realized his dream and worked as an animator in Disney Burbank.His parents later returned to Taiwan where his father began his singing career, leaving him to complete his education in the United States. Left to fend for himself, he took on many jobs, including a stint as a policeman in the LAPD, without the knowledge of his parents. Eventually, he graduated with a bachelor degree in Psychology from UCLA.

Later working as a salesman, he was offered a job by reputed Taiwanese producer Wang Zhi Ping, when the latter found out who he was. So he went back to Taiwan, initially writing, and later producing songs for many singers before releasing his self-titled album David Tao in 1997. He has since released four more albums, a live concert recording and a compilation of his best songs. His works have influenced many singers to acknowledge his works more than the normal listener. Singers that actually listen to Tao include Eason Chan, Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, JJ Lin, Tank, Bibi Zhou, etc. Tao is a prolific composer and songwriter and has written popular songs for many popular artists like A-Mei, S.H.E. and many others.

 All the songs of David Tao

 1.  Marry me today
 2.  Black tangerine (live)
 3.  Small town girl
 4.  Melody

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Difficulty: 7/10
Speed: 111 characters/min
Total characters: 451
Unique characters: 182
Characters difficulty: 6/10

歌名:   今天                         
演唱:   陶喆,   蔡依林    
陶:            花开     带走   冬天      感伤    
微风         浪漫      气息    
每一      情歌   忽然   充满   意义    
         此刻   突然   见到      
蔡:            花香     带走   冬天            
微风         意外      爱情    
鸟儿      高歌         我们   距离    
         此刻   突然   爱上      
创造   幸福      生活    
昨天      来不及     明天         可惜    
蔡:   DT(David  Tao)  IN  THE  HOUSE   
蔡:   DT(David  Tao)  IN  THE  HOUSE   
蔡:   DT(David  Tao)  IN  THE  HOUSE   
陶:   夏日      热情     打动   春天      懒散    
阳光   照耀   美满      家庭    
每一      情歌         勾起   回忆    
   当年         怎么   认识      
蔡:   冬天      忧伤     结束   秋天      孤单    
微风                  思念    
鸟儿      高歌         不要   别离    
合:   此刻      多么   想要   拥抱      
      安定      生活    
合:   昨天      来不及     明天         可惜    
                        我们   一起      
      一生   交给      
昨天   不要   回头       明天         白首    
陶:   (RAP)听      礼堂      钟声    
我们      上帝      亲友   面前   见证    
      男女      就要         夫妻    
不要         这一切      多么      神圣    
   愿意   生死   苦乐   永远         在一起    
爱惜        尊重        安慰        保护         
      同时   建立      美满      家庭    
   愿意   这样         
Yes  I  do   
合:                           一路      尽头    
      一生   交给      
昨天         过去     明天   更多   回忆    
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