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Shao Rong (邵容,Shào róng) was born in Shanghai, who began learning the piano at the age of five and studying the pipa at the age of ten. After graduation from the college, she joined Shanghai Orchestra as a soloist.

She became one of the arts students at Tokyo University after winning Outstanding Arts Award at Shanghai Arts Festival. In Japan, she played "Marco Polo"(composed by Tan Dun) with pipa as a soloist at Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra. Currently she has dwelled in Tokyo and performed on the world stages.

She could play the pipa with vibrato rules which sounds like a mandolin or banjo.

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    Bamboo dance

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Difficulty: 0/10
Speed: 11 characters/min
Total characters: 14
Unique characters: 14
Characters difficulty: 1/10

Instrument:  pipa,  guitar   
Yuè  qì:  pí  pa,  jí  tā   
乐器:   琵琶,   吉他    
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