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Tengger (腾格尔, Téng gé ěr, born in January, 1960) is a singer,songwriter and composer from Inner Mongolia,China.

He composed and sang the song "Mongol" (蒙古人, měng gǔ rén) in 1986 which made him become famous. Since then, he has written the theme songs for all sorts of TV series and movies.

 All the songs of Tengger

 1.  The paradise
 2.  In that remote place
 3.  My father and I

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Difficulty: 1/10
Speed: 39 characters/min
Total characters: 133
Unique characters: 38
Characters difficulty: 1/10

歌名:   天堂        
绿   绿      草原    
奔驰      骏马    
洁白      羊群             
还有      姑娘    
我的            我的   天堂    
我的        我的   天堂    
绿   绿      草原    
我的            我的   天堂    
我的        我的   天堂    
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