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Karen Joy Morris(莫文蔚,Mò Wén Wèi,born on June 2, 1970) is a two-time Golden Melody Award-winning Hong Kong-based actress and singer-songwriter.

She attended Diocesan Girls' School from primary to secondary grade in Hong Kong. In 1987, she left Hong Kong and studied abroad. She attended United World College of the Adriatic near Trieste, Italy from 1987 to 1989, and majored in Italian literature when studying at the University of London.

She is the sister of the writer and producer Trevor Morris, and a descendant of Alfred Morris, the first principal of King's College, Hong Kong. She speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, and French. She is Eurasian: her father is half-Chinese and half-Welsh, while her mother is half-Chinese, quarter-Iranian, and quarter-German.

She is often credited as Karen Mok in Chinese movies, but as Karen Joy Morris (her birth name) in Hollywood movies. She supplied the voice of Princess Kida for the Cantonese dub of Disney's "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" (2001). She performed in the international tour of the hit Broadway musical "RENT" as Mimi during the Asian stops of the musical in 2005 and 2006.

In Oct 2008, she launched her own brand of perfume in Hong Kong.

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Difficulty: 7/10
Speed: 71 characters/min
Total characters: 247
Unique characters: 109
Characters difficulty: 7/10

歌名:   电台   情歌          
   能够      天上   月亮   电源   关掉    
            沉默   照得      明了    
关于   爱情   我们   了解            
      以后      不觉   可靠    
穿过      爱情      街道    
有种      真实   味道    
我们   一直                        
   对方   心底            
体会   彼此   什么         需要    
      寂寞      拥抱    
   能够      电台   情歌   关掉    
            心事            敏感    
                  感情   天平      
         仰望   星空    
         爱情      边疆    
有种   不确定   预感    
我们   一直                        
   对方   心底            
体会   彼此   什么         需要    
      寂寞      拥抱    
我们   一直                        
   对方   心底            
体会   彼此   什么         需要    
      寂寞      拥抱    
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