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Old Wolf (老狼, Lǎo láng,born on December 3, 1968 ) is a Chinese singer, whose original name is Wang Yang(王阳 wáng yáng).

He became one of the campus ballad representatives in China for his known songs "My deskmate" (同桌的你,Tónɡ zhuō de nǐ).

 All the songs of Old Wolf

 1.  My deskmate
 2.  The beauty

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Difficulty: 5/10
Speed: 82 characters/min
Total characters: 259
Unique characters: 118
Characters difficulty: 5/10

歌名:   同桌                  
明天      是否      想起    
昨天            日记    
明天      是否      惦记    
老师            想不起    
猜不出   问题         
         偶然      相片    
   想起   同桌         
         你的   日记    
      你的   长发         
   从前   总是      小心    
         无意中   说起    
喜欢         在一起    
那时候      总是         
日子      过得         
         毕业   遥遥无期    
转眼      各奔东西    
   遇到   多愁善感         
从前      日子            
      你的   长发         
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