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Stefanie Sun (孙燕姿, Sūn Yàn Zī, born in 1978) is a Singaporean singer-songwriter. She has sold over 10 million copies of her albums during the span of her career thus far.

She is also a fashion icon in Asia, often referred as the Kate Moss of Singapore. She is also known to be good friend with fellow Pop Princess of Taiwan, Jolin Tsai. They are often the performing guests of one another concert.

Most of her songs are sung in Mandarin Chinese, with a few in English. Her ability to speak various dialects is reflected in the songs she sings. In the song "Cloudy Day" (Tiān hēi hēi,天黑黑), she sings in both Mandarin and Hokkien. It is an adaptation of a traditional Hokkien folk song that included the first six words in the original Hokkien- Thiⁿ-o͘-o͘, beh lo̍h-hō͘ - in the chorus.

It had been reported in a Chinese newspaper in Singapore that Stefanie had secretly registered her marriage with her boyfriend of 5 years on 31 March 2011.

 All the songs of Stefanie Sun

 1.  Green light
 2.  Cloudy day
 3.  Come across

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Difficulty: 7/10
Speed: 81 characters/min
Total characters: 246
Unique characters: 106
Characters difficulty: 6/10

歌曲:   遇见        
演唱:         姿    
听见     冬天      离开    
未来      不能   理智   安排    
阴天     傍晚     车窗      
未来      一个         等待    
向左     向右     向前      
   遇见              怎样      对白    
   听见            地铁      人海    
阴天     傍晚     车窗      
未来      一个         等待    
向左     向右     向前      
   遇见              怎样      对白    
   听见            地铁      人海    
   往前              一片   时间      
我们            爱情         伤害    
                    入口   有点      
   遇见            美丽      意外    
   有一天     我的   谜底      揭开    
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