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Jacky Cheung Hok-yau is a singer (张学友, zhāng xué yǒu, not to be confused with Jackie Chan.), songwriter and actor from Hong Kong. The Chinese language media refers to him, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau and Leon Lai as the Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王 sì dà tiān wáng).

Cheung is also nicknamed "God of Songs" (歌神 gē shén), but he is the second person to hold this title, after former Cantopop singer Sam Hui.In an interview with Ray Cordeiro (Uncle Ray), Cheung stated that the title was more appropriate for Hui than him, since he actually wrote and popularized songs.

Cheung is known for his rich baritone voice. He is also one of the first Hong Kong singers to add a rock and roll quality to his voice, citing singers such as Elton John, Barry Manilow and Billy Joel as key influences.

He has also experimented with different genres of rock, such as alternative rock, light grunge and art rock. Cheung's ancestry includes Tianjin, China, and Cheung has stated that he was raised in a Mandarin-speaking family.

Cheung married Hong Kong actress May Lo Mei-mei on February 15, 1996 in London, with whom he has two daughters.

 All the songs of Jacky Cheung

 1.  Snares of love
 2.  Blessing
 3.  Kiss me for farewell
 4.  Wish in a draught with you
 5.  Dreams from Beijing in a New York cab
 6.  Love letter
 7.  She came to listen to my concert
 8.  You are the most treasured chords

 Complete lyrics with the instant dictionary

Difficulty: 7/10
Speed: 83 characters/min
Total characters: 350
Unique characters: 142
Characters difficulty: 6/10

歌名:            我的   演唱会            
演唱:   张学友    
         我的   演唱会    
   十七         初恋   第一次   约会    
男孩   为了      彻夜   排队    
半年      积蓄         门票   一对    
            心醉               心碎    
三年      感情            就要   收回    
   记得   月台   汽笛               
   我的            人们   流泪    
      人们   流泪    
         我的   演唱会    
   二十五      恋爱      风光   明媚    
男朋友            送人   玫瑰    
         电话   夜夜               
            心醉               心碎    
成年人   分手            无所谓    
   朋友   一起   买醉   卡拉   OK   
   我的            画面   流泪    
            心醉               心碎    
   三十三      真爱   那么   珍贵    
年轻      女孩                     
   男人   决定         远走高飞    
            心醉               心碎    
   努力         自己   看来         
岁月         我们      无怨无悔    
   掌声            自己   流泪    
         自己   流泪    
         我的   演唱会    
   四十                  女人   很美    
小孩            为什么   流泪    
身边      男人         渐渐   入睡    
               我们的   演唱会    
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