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Pu Shu (朴树, Pǔ Shù, born 8 November 1973) is a Chinese pop singer. In 1994, he quit the study at the Capital Normal University and started his musical career.

He became widely known for singing the song called Birch Forest (白桦林, bái huà lín) in 1999. His other representative works are Born as a summer flower (生如夏花,shēng rú xià huā), Those flowers (那些花儿, nà xiē huā ér), Journey (旅途, lǚ tú).

 All the songs of Pu Shu

 1.  Born as a summer flower
 2.  Those flowers

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Difficulty: 5/10
Speed: 75 characters/min
Total characters: 301
Unique characters: 99
Characters difficulty: 4/10

歌名:   那些   花儿            
      笑声         想起   我的   那些   花儿    
      生命   每个   角落                     
      以为         永远                  
今天   我们   已经   离去      人海   茫茫    
她们                 她们      哪里      
我们      这样   各自      天涯    
她们   已经               散落      天涯    
有些   故事                     算了      
那些   心情      岁月      已经         真假    
如今   这里   荒草   丛生   没有      鲜花    
      曾经   拥有   你们      春秋      冬夏    
她们               她们      哪里      
我们      这样   各自      天涯    
她们   已经               散落      天涯    
她们   已经               散落      天涯    
她们                 她们      哪里      
我们      这样   各自      天涯    
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