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Li Gu Yi (李谷一, Lí Gǔ Yī, born 10 December 1994) is a famous Chinese folk and pop artist. She has been awarded the special allowance expert of the state council because she is the pioneer who has commenced Pop singing after People Republic of China was established in 1949.

More than ten times she has had performances in United States, France, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Macao.

 All the songs of Li Gu Yi

 1.  Stall tea
 2.  Unforgettable night

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Difficulty: 5/10
Speed: 60 characters/min
Total characters: 253
Unique characters: 146
Characters difficulty: 5/10

   爷爷      的时候    
      这里   玩耍    
仿佛         我的      
伴随      度过         灰色      年华    
            冰糖   葫芦   就算   过节    
窝头   咸菜      就着                     
世上      饮料               
也许         廉价    
   知道      醇厚      香味      
饱含      泪花    
   饱含      泪花    
如今      海外   归来    
岁月   风雨    
            显得         姿   挺拔    
   一声   杏仁      豆腐    
      思念      再来                     
世上      饮料               
也许         廉价      
为什么      醇厚      香味      
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