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Ding Wei(丁薇, Dīng Wēi, .born in 1973) is a versatile Chinese musician from Jiang Su province. She has achieved both in the field of the singing and composition.

In 1995, Ding Wei released her solo debut called “Butterfly with the broken wings”(Duàn chì de hú dié, 断翅的蝴蝶), which made her become famous. Lately, she works as one of the judges of all kinds of the TV singing competitions in China.

 All the songs of Ding Wei

 1.  Girl with the quartet
 2.  Butterfly with the broken wings

 Complete lyrics with the instant dictionary

Difficulty: 6/10
Speed: 59 characters/min
Total characters: 196
Unique characters: 106
Characters difficulty: 6/10

歌名:            蝴蝶                
多年   以前            昨天    
   再次      你的              有缘    
褪色      红颜       黯然      双眼    
美丽         心动        能否   看见    
桃花           杏花         
前生   无缘     今生            
等到   今天     心碎      难免    
忧伤      白云       飘荡      蓝天    
以后      日子         自己   可以    
桃花           杏花         
         线              心愿    
桃花           杏花         
         线              心愿    
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