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Teresa Teng (邓丽君; Dèng Lì Jūn, born on January 29, 1953,died on May 8, 1995) was an immensely popular and influential Chinese pop singer from Taiwan.

Teresa Teng's voice and songs are instantly recognized throughout east Asia and in areas with large Asian populations.

It is often said, "Wherever there are Chinese people, the songs of Teresa Teng can be heard." Her songs also enjoy huge popularity among Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Indonesian listeners.

Teng was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads. Many became standards in her lifetime, such as "When Will You Return?" (何日君再來) and "The Moon Represents My Heart" (月亮代表我的心).

She recorded songs not only in her native Mandarin but also in Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and English.

Teng, a lifelong sufferer from asthma, died in 1995 from a severe respiratory attack while vacationing in Thailand. She was 42.

 All the songs of Teresa Teng

 1.  Comrades: almost a love story
 2.  The moon represents my heart
 3.  Telosma cordata
 4.  The story of a small town
 5.  I only care about you
 6.  See the chimney smoke again
 7.  Don't pick the roadside flowers

 Complete lyrics with the instant dictionary

Difficulty: 4/10
Speed: 60 characters/min
Total characters: 141
Unique characters: 53
Characters difficulty: 4/10

歌名:         炊烟            
演唱:   邓丽君    
      炊烟   升起    
暮色      大地    
      阵阵   炊烟    
诗情画意   虽然   美丽    
   心中   只有      
      炊烟   升起    
勾起      回忆    
      变作   彩霞    
诗情画意   虽然   美丽    
   心中   只有      
诗情画意   虽然   美丽    
   心中   只有      
诗情画意   虽然   美丽    
   心中   只有      
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