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Jiang Da Wei (蒋大为,Jiǎng Dà Wéi,born on January 22, 1947) is one of the most famousest tenor singers from mainland China. He has the strong vocal skill.

He has sung the theme songs for hundreds of films and television series since last three decades.

 All the songs of Jiang Da Wei

 1.  The peach blossom blooming there
 2.  May ask road in where
 3.  The song of peony

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Difficulty: 3/10
Speed: 73 characters/min
Total characters: 151
Unique characters: 69
Characters difficulty: 3/10

歌名:   牡丹                  
百花            鲜艳    
有人         娇媚    
娇媚      生命           这样   丰满    
有人         富贵    
   知道         历尽   贫寒    
   牡丹        牡丹    
   知道         历尽   贫寒    
百花            鲜艳    
冰封   大地   的时候    
      蕴育      生机   一片    
春风         的时候    
      美丽         人间    
   牡丹        牡丹    
      美丽         人间    
      美丽         人间    
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