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Beijing Welcomes You (北京欢迎你 Běi Jīng huān yíng nǐ) is a feature song for the 100-day countdown of the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China. The song comprises one hundred famous artists and entertainers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

Its music video includes a montage of scenes from all over Beijing. It features the largest contingent of famous artists in a single Chinese-language music video. Its lyrics are composed by Hong Kong lyricist Albert Leung and its music is composed by mainland Chinese lyricist Ke Zhao Lei also known as Xiao Ke.Since its release the song has been extremely popular with the Chinese public.

The 5 characters in the original Chinese title of the song ("Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni") were used for the names of the "Fuwa(福娃 fú wá)" mascots which symbolized the 2008 Summer Olympics: Bei-Bei: fish, Jing-Jing: giant panda, Huan-Huan: the fire, Ying-Ying: gazelle, and Ni-Ni: swallow.

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 2.  Bei Jing welcomes you
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Difficulty: 7/10
Speed: 124 characters/min
Total characters: 884
Unique characters: 304
Characters difficulty: 7/10

歌名:   北京   欢迎             
      佳:   迎接      一个   晨曦     带来   全新   空气    
   欢:   气息   改变   情味   不变                 情谊    
   英:         大门      打开     开放   怀抱         
      姿:   拥抱         有了   默契           爱上   这里    
   悦:   不管   远近         客人        不用客气    
王力宏:   相约            一起     我们   欢迎      
   红:               万年青     开放         传奇    
      健:      传统      土壤   播种           留下   回忆    
      琪:   陌生   熟悉         客人        不用   拘礼    
   泉:      几次      没关系        太多   话题    
成龙:   北京   欢迎              开天辟地    
      齐:   流动         魅力     充满      朝气    
蔡依林:   北京   欢迎           太阳      分享   呼吸    
   楠:      黄土地     刷新   成绩    
      畅:         大门      打开     开怀   容纳   天地    
   唯:   岁月   绽放   青春   笑容     迎接   这个   日期    
      明:   天大   地大         朋友        不用客气    
   庚:                  笑意           等待      
   峰:   北京   欢迎           音乐   感动      
      蔚:      我们      加油        超越   自己    
   晶:   北京   欢迎           梦想         了不起    
陈奕迅:      勇气            奇迹    
      文:   北京   欢迎              开天辟地    
      强:   流动         魅力     充满      朝气    
      /        松:   北京   欢迎           太阳      分享   呼吸    
      永:      黄土地     刷新   成绩    
      轮:   北京   欢迎           音乐   感动      
      拉:      我们      加油        超越   自己    
      杰:   北京   欢迎           梦想         了不起    
   杜:      勇气            奇迹    
京剧:   (北京)   北京   欢迎         
容祖儿:         大门      打开     开放   怀抱         
      春:   拥抱         有了   默契           爱上   这里    
      炜:   不管   远近         客人        不用客气    
   坤:   相约   好了      一起     我们   欢迎      
谢霆锋:   北京   欢迎              开天辟地    
   磊:   流动         魅力     充满      朝气    
      瑄:   北京   欢迎           太阳      分享   呼吸    
   翔:      黄土地   刷新   成绩    
   灿:         大门      打开     开怀   容纳   天地    
         /        琳:   岁月   绽放   青春   笑容     迎接   这个   日期    
      颖:   天大   地大         朋友        不用客气    
         /        凯:                  笑意           等待      
      /        琪:   北京   欢迎           音乐   感动      
   鸿      /        欧:      我们      加油        超越   自己    
         /        军:   北京   欢迎           梦想         了不起    
         /        东:      勇气            奇迹    
      /     龙:   北京   欢迎              开天辟地    
         /     峰:   流动         魅力     充满      朝气    
5566  /        斌:   北京   欢迎           太阳      分享   呼吸    
         /     郎:      黄土地     刷新   成绩    
         /           /     彤:   北京   欢迎           音乐   感动      
      /           /        尔:      我们      加油        超越   自己    
      /        /     嘉:   北京   欢迎           梦想         了不起    
         /        /        名:      勇气            奇迹    
全体:   北京   欢迎           梦想         了不起    
   勇气            奇迹    
北京   欢迎           梦想         了不起    
   勇气              奇迹    
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