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Sarah Chen (陈淑桦, Chén Shú Huá,born on May 14, 1958) is a Taiwanese singer who became famous during the late-1980s and early-1990s.

Her most famous hit songs, many resulting from her collaborations with songwriter Jonathan Lee (李宗盛,Lǐ zōng shèng), include "Dream to Awakening" (梦醒时分 mèng xǐng shí fēn) and "Is it Right to Love You?"(这样爱你对不对 zhè yàng ài nǐ duì bù duì). Her 1989 album "Talk to You, Listen to You" became the first album to reach a million sales in Taiwan.

In 1998, she retired from Taiwan's entertainment circle.

 All the songs of Sarah Chen

 1.  Dream to awakening
 2.  Say you love me
 3.  Red dust
 4.  Is it right to love you

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Difficulty: 8/10
Speed: 107 characters/min
Total characters: 271
Unique characters: 113
Characters difficulty: 8/10

歌名:   滚滚   红尘          
起初   不经意         
红尘         情缘    
         生命   匆匆                  
   前世   流传      因果    
终生      所有    
   不惜   换取   刹那   阴阳      交流    
本应   属于   你的      
   依然            胸口    
            尘世   转变      面孔         翻云覆雨      
于是   不愿            
   告别      不见         
至今   世间         隐约      耳语    
跟随            传说    
于是   不愿            
   告别      不见         
至今   世间         隐约      耳语    
跟随            传说    
滚滚   红尘         隐约      耳语    
跟随            传说    
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