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Qi Yu (齐豫,Qí Yù; born on October 17, 1957 in Taichung, Taiwan), is a Taiwanese singer.

She is also the older sister of Taiwanese singer songwriter Qi Qin, and is best known for her 1979 hit, "The Olive Tree (橄榄树 gǎn lǎn shù)".

 All the songs of Qi Yu

 1.  Olive tree
 2.  High heels of September

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Difficulty: 2/10
Speed: 47 characters/min
Total characters: 143
Unique characters: 47
Characters difficulty: 1/10

歌名:   橄榄树            
不要            哪里          我的   故乡      远方    
为什么   流浪       流浪   远方   流浪    
为了   天空   飞翔      小鸟    
为了                  小溪       为了   宽阔      草原    
流浪   远方   流浪    
还有   还有       为了   梦中      橄榄树   橄榄树    
不要            哪里          我的   故乡      远方    
为什么   流浪       为什么   流浪   远方    
为了      梦中      橄榄树    
不要            哪里          我的   故乡      远方    
为什么   流浪       流浪   远方   流浪    
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