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Mao A Min (毛阿敏, Máo ā Mǐn, born in 1962), is a Chinese singer known by the "honorific title" of "Big Sister" (大姐大,dà jiě dà), "was one of China's most famous and senior female pop stars" by "the mid-1990s."

In 2001, she was one of 36 Chinese athletes and entertainers who were depicted on a series of postage stamps issued "in support of Beijing's bid for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games."

 All the songs of Mao A Min

 1.  Missing
 2.  Longing for
 3.  The same song
 4.  The green leaves and the root
 5.  Mother in the illuminance of candle

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Difficulty: 3/10
Speed: 62 characters/min
Total characters: 200
Unique characters: 69
Characters difficulty: 2/10

歌名:   思念          
      哪里        我的   朋友      
好像         蝴蝶         我的   窗口    
不知               停留    
我们   已经   分别                  
      哪里        我的   朋友      
   好像         蝴蝶         我的   窗口    
为何            便      消息    
      思念   积压         心头    
      哪里        我的   朋友      
好像         蝴蝶         我的   窗口    
不知               停留    
我们   已经   分别                  
      哪里        我的   朋友      
   好像         蝴蝶         我的   窗口    
难道            匆匆   离去    
      聚会   当成   一次   分手    
难道            匆匆   离去    
      聚会   当成   一次   分手    
      聚会   当成   一次   分手    
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