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Love as the tideWish never apartNever walk awayHeaven snow
Blue and white porcelainListen to your motherOrmosiaChess piece
The worldPledgeI willChrysanthemums Terrace
SkyDawnThe sea (live)Snares of love
Kiss me for farewellWish in a draught with youCold rainHigh heels of September
The seaDo you love me or notHow much love can be restartedTranquil summer
CourageSwallowtail butterfly The most romantic thingDrunken master
Hope (live)Love song on the radioAt least I still have youYou are my beloved
A mistake in the Flower FestivalBlack tangerine (live)LegendBig city and little love
Sword and knife just like a dreamExcessiveOvercastNocturne
The night is too darkClang RoseI understandTime and time again
ScarThe cowboy is busyWhateverRailway platform
ConquerLooking at flowers in a fogA smile and walk awayGoing home
Nights alone cryin'South of the riverA thousand years laterThe happy hometown
Seeing you everydayPersistence all the wayPearl of the Orient (Hong Kong)The past gone with the wind
My future is not a dreamMiss rather than meetDream to awakeningSay you love me
Red dustToo soft-heartedYour face is covered by tearsFairy tale
A Valentine's Day without a valentineLook at the face of the moonWide-toed shoesThe heart of a flower
Kiss my babySmiling faceLook back again after yearsLeave nothing
Dreams from Beijing in a New York cabTwo butterfliesWish you safe and soundSilence
Small town girlLet go of my handDrifting heartNine hundred and ninety-nine roses
Love letterHypnotizedChange myselfThe fate for life
FaceAbsolute infatuationSnow manWhy you let me be sad
Sisters, please stand upListen to the seaThat is not my fateTrue or false
LaterMissing you when the wind blowsGreen lightHeartless you
Lonely all my lifeCloudy dayThe original dreamThe better man
Short hairGuess what's in your mindI am a little birdThe last day of 19-year-old
Too grievousCurled eyelashHold your handXiao wei
Everything newNot a crime for a man to cryBorn as a summer flowerThank you for your love
Wonderful bachelordomI don't wanna sayDon't say you did not care for my tearsMy motley heart
Can't be closedExperience of first loveDuskNothing you want
Rain keeps fallingOnce I think of youThirty thousand feetBad Boy
I'm very ugly but I'm very gentleTolerantTelepathyYou make me happy and sad
My father and ILate autumnIf the cloud knowsWhether I really have nothing
Finally I lost youUnderstandingBoredMen's talk
Moon's faultCowardStanding on a high mountainA game and a dream
MelodyI'd rather danceBoyfriendScent
Crying sandMan and oceanNotebookBurning in a flash
Come acrossSadly,it's not you


Heavenly roadSister drumBallad Of LhasaGood days
Rambles in the skyGirls of Ali MountainQinghai-Tibetan PlateauCan not live like this
The junior have no griefLonging forGod bless good manIf the mountain doesn't spin the water will
The peach blossom blooming thereMay ask road in whereNan Ni bayReturn to parents' home
Little grassThe love song of Kang DingThe Chang Jiang riverSay a word in heart
In that remote placeThe song of peonyWaves after waves in Hong Hu LakeHero paean
Stall teaOn the field of hopeHometown


Maybe in winterOlive treeComrades: almost a love storyThe moon represents my heart
My deskmateGrandma's Peng hu bayThe waved barleyFriends
My thankful heartMother's kissWild flowersMissing
The same songThe green leaves and the rootThe crescent moonTelosma cordata
A plum blossomChildhoodMother in the illuminance of candleEvening bell at Nan Ping hill
Reading youThe spirit of your eyesGo-abroad songJust like your tenderness
The wave still as pastWhere is the springThe beautyThe story of a small town
I only care about youThe bygonesWild lily also has its springSee the chimney smoke again
Don't pick the roadside flowersA family letterXiao FangShang Hai night
The companionGirl with the quartetButterfly with the broken wingsTo be told or not
FireflyCan't help falling in love with youLet me tell you gentlyThose flowers
Outside worldWe were all good childrenMy dear childSweet words
Blue lotusI want a homeStarry skySunshine after the rain
Invisible wingsApplauseShe came to listen to my concertStory of red-crowned cranes
Matches heavenMoonlight of the downtownBesides the butterfly springSeventeen-year-old during the rainy season
Any beer bottles for saleDo you know I am waiting for youKeep Sadness to oneself


Bamboo danceThe moon reflected in Er-quanButterfly LoversHigh mountains and flowing water
Moonlight over the Lotus pondDating at AobaoPhoenix tail bamboo under the moonlightThe wandering songstress
The love of the coachmanJasmine (music)Love beauties more than powerReed pipe
The girl from Ye Li YaThe talk of PipaDing dong of the spring waterA moonlit night on the spring river
The fisherman's songCheerful mountain songNight at the naval portAmitabha Buddha
Lotus in the snowCanal town in my dream

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