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Need some suggestions for song to learn

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Tom Swift said on 02/20/2013
I just found this site and it is fantastic. I am a Canadian living in China and my Chinese is very poor. I would like to learn some songs to sing but I need easy ones with few words and ones that everyone knows. As well, my voice is quite low and since so many Chinese songs are much higher in pitch, I have problems singing along with them. Do you have any suggestions?

Also, is it possible to sort your website with the level of difficulty? I can't seem to find any method of doing that. Thank you. 
Hianonymous said on 01/06/2014
童话 is a pretty slow and good song
henpiaoliangdeguniang said on 03/02/2013
are you like taylor swifts de didi......
SCS Admin said on 02/22/2013
Thank you for your message. There is a title called Ratings ( which shows the level of songs difficulties. For low pitch songs, you can refer to the songs of the below artists, Tsai Chin(Female) , A Do (male). 

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