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need help for chinese song

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pda123 said on 03/24/2014
i`m searching for a chinese song and very desperate to find it.. need help from the pros please.. heres the hint:
- i hear this songs on CCTV music program ( i suspect its from sing my song programme but not so sure )
- the reff part sounds like final fantasy music suteki da ne, but its not suteki da ne chinese version
- i hear this songs in CCTV music program after chinese new year 2014
- the singer was a female and when she sings it some people at the bottom stage gives her flower

i hope maybe someone was watching the program at the same time.. please inform me or mail me if any of you guys can help.. really thanks...
ALTAYB said on 04/23/2014
Hello friends I'm looing for two Chinese Songs in this website I didn't find:
1- 好想好想 some of the Lyrics 【 好想好想和你在一起;和你一起数天上的星星】
2- 姑娘我爱你 some of the Lyrics 【长长的头发;黑黑的眼睛】
please help me to find these two songs, can I download some songs from this website and listen when off line?
SCS Admin said on 03/28/2014
If you can provide the names of the program or the song, it will be easier to help you to find it.

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