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Chinese Tutor Lessons with Peggy Lee

Peggy Teaches Chinese offers free online learning platform via YouTube and online 1 on 1 Mandarin lessons over Skype. It's a highly recommendation of 1 on 1 lessons to the students who are eager to improve their oral Chinese more quickly.

About video lessons
Please follow me to learn Hello in Chinese and Chinese tones.

Please watch the fiction and learn Happy Birthday in Chinese.

Watch all 84 of Peggy's videos here on Youtube.

About tutor lessons
1) What is the content of a tutor lesson?
It depends on the learner's Mandarin level. For the beginners, we could start with the basics: tones, pronouns and basic greetings. Then we will move on to thematic lessons such as ordering food, asking for directions and shopping; topics one would encounter from day to day. For intermediate level students, I will provide worksheet aiming at strengthening sentence structure and sentence pattern. However, I am also up to students' ideas at the same time. Some students prefer practicing their conversational skills or to take their vocabulary to a higher level by discussing casual, academic or controversial topics or reading news articles. Every learner has different goals for learning.
2) What is a tutor lesson with Peggy like?
The learner will be having a lot of vivid interactions with me in Mandarin. I talk about the vocabulary, vernacular usage and culture related to the topic and beyond.
3) What equipment do I need to have a tutor lesson with Peggy?
I wish to have as many interactions with my students as possible therefore, I believe with a Webcam, Microphone and Headphone set up, the student can listen to the pronunciation, see my tone gestures and read my lips as I teach.

For further details, please see Peggy Teaches Chinese.

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