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 About Sing Chinese Songs 

It's a place where you can listen to Chinese music and learn Chinese with famous Chinese songs in Mandarin (simplified characters). As well, learning to sing Chinese songs is a great way to learn a language. Many successful language students attribute learning to sing as one of the most powerful, fun, and long lasting ways to pick up a language.

It's FREE! Enjoy your studying here!

 How does it work? 

We've selected over 300 traditional and popular Chinese songs. For every song, we list the complete lyrics for the song. Study the lyrics with shown Pinyin, learn the vocabulary with online flashcards, type the Chinese characters with online game. After you are familiar with the Chinese characters, play the song, and sing along. We've included a Karaoke style music player, so you can see the lyrics as they are being sung in the song!

 The commented songs

No. Songs Comments
1The most romantic thingShow
2The moon represents my heartShow
3Sunshine after the rainShow
4I only care about youShow
6Olive treeShow
7The paradiseShow
9Stay youngShow
10Amitabha BuddhaShow
11True or falseShow
12Telosma cordataShow
13Seventeen-year-old during the rainy seasonShow
15Heavenly roadShow
17Invisible wingsShow
18Never walk awayShow
19Cold rainShow
20Listen to your motherShow
21Xi shua shuaShow
22On the moonShow
23Let go of my handShow
24Moonlight of the downtownShow
25Mice love riceShow
26At least I still have youShow
27The wandering songstressShow
28A thousand years laterShow
29Gotta love youShow
31Where is the springShow
32Descendent of the dragonShow
33You are the cause of the loveShow
34Don't say you did not care for my tearsShow
35Understand my heartShow
36Just like your tendernessShow
37The heart of a flowerShow
38I don't wanna sayShow
39Waves after waves in Hong Hu LakeShow
40Time and time againShow
41Super starShow
42More than I can sayShow
43See my 72 changesShow
44Girl from across, look over hereShow
45Fly freelyShow
46My thankful heartShow
47Endless loveShow
48The girl from Ye Li YaShow
49Drunken masterShow
51I willShow
52Wonderful bachelordomShow
53I am a little birdShow
54Everyday in my lifeShow
55Bad BoyShow
56When the love became bygoneShow
57You make me happy and sadShow
58Heaven snowShow
60Man and oceanShow
61Swallowtail butterfly Show
62Marry me todayShow
63Happy songShow
64Fairy taleShow
65Too soft-heartedShow
66Why you let me be sadShow
67Butterfly LoversShow
69In a ditherShow
70I'd rather danceShow
71You are a song in my heartShow
72Finally I lost youShow
73The talk of PipaShow
75Any beer bottles for saleShow
76The story of a small townShow
77The cowboy is busyShow
78Wish never apartShow
80Grandma's Peng hu bayShow
81Spice girlsShow
82Stupid childShow
83Warm desertShow
84Mountain road 18 bendsShow
85Listen to the seaShow
86My future is not a dreamShow
87Tomorrow will be betterShow
88We were all good childrenShow
89Change myselfShow
91Besides the butterfly springShow
92One night in BeijingShow
93Whether I really have nothingShow
94Seeing you everydayShow
96Going homeShow
97Let us sway twin oarsShow
98To be told or notShow
99Crescent moon bayShow
101Late autumnShow
102The wave still as pastShow
103Say you love meShow
104The spirit of your eyesShow
106Once I think of youShow
107Unforgettable nightShow
109Nothing you wantShow
110Lotus in the snowShow
111Canal town in my dreamShow
112Comrades: almost a love storyShow
114Dream to awakeningShow
115On the field of hopeShow
116The waved barleyShow
117Cloudy dayShow
118Thousands of miles apartShow
119Clang RoseShow
120The happy hometownShow
121God bless good manShow
122Heartless youShow
123Girl with the quartetShow
124Look at the face of the moonShow
125Wide-toed shoesShow
126Phoenix tail bamboo under the moonlightShow
127Nine hundred and ninety-nine rosesShow
128Smiling faceShow
129Qinghai-Tibetan PlateauShow
130Chrysanthemums TerraceShow


 List of singers with songs and instruments with music

Christine Fan

Pan Mei Chen

Jeremy Chang

Dick Cowboy

Gao Ming Jun

Wilber Pan

Andy Lau

Huang Ya Li

Qi Yu

Li Gu Yi

The Stars

Jacky Cheung

Sun Yue

Yang Yu Ying

Ding Wei

Jolin Tsai

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